Spring Cleaning and Muffin Baking

This is going to be a random one. Today is, yet another beautiful day. And it’s Saturday! I can’t quite figure out why, but for some reason, during the week when my alarm goes off I feel like I could sleep for another hour…but on the weekends I will go to bed an hour later and be wide awake merely 15 minutes after my alarm would typically go off. So I woke up at 7am this morning and made some muffins for breakfast. They were delicious – and healthy! I love trying out new recipes, especially when they’re healthy and when they turn out really good.


Not the best picture but I made do with the crappy lighting we have…


While we’re on the subject of breakfast food, here’s another good one. Those of you reading this (if anyone even is…) probably know that I go visit my parents a lot. Reason #1 is because I love them and they’re 20 minutes from my apartment. Reason #2 is because waffles:


I warned you it would be a random post. This next photo is in honor of March Madness.I ordered these babies off the internet two weeks ago. If you’re wondering how I ended up a Michigan fan, then you don’t know the men in my family.Image

And last random photo of the day – I’ve spent the last 2 hours doing a bit of spring cleaning. Here is quite a sight. My room still looks like this as I’m writing this…I’m waiting for my sheets to finish washing/drying so I can put the place back together. Hence, random post to kill time.




Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the weather has been fabulous. However, they are also calling for snow next week so I had to take advantage of this pretty afternoon, and the fact that I get off work at 3 on Fridays. First I ran around Lake Johnson, then I panicked because my keys fell out, then someone found them and everything was okay again, then I took some pictures. I took some at the lake and then headed to campus and took some there too. Here are a few faves:



This will be a short post because I think the pictures kind of speak for themselves this time. I tried my best to capture how pretty it felt outside this afternoon. I’m glad I found some pretty flowers in bloom to help me with that despite how cold it’s been lately.

Weekend’s End

It’s been a fun weekend – hence all the posts. Yesterday Bryan and I went to the art museum – this was part of his valentine’s gift. What I did was come up with 12 relatively inexpensive and easy to plan dates and made little envelopes for each month of the year. I put a note card in each envelope describing the date and the approximate ¬†amount of money the date would cost. So now each month Bryan gets a pre-paid date with me! This month’s was free because the museum doesn’t cost anything. It was a beautiful day outside so we picked a good weekend for it because the NC Museum of Art has a great outdoor trail. Before this gets too wordy, here are some pictures I took.



The last one I really like because it took a couple tries to get that starburst effect. I learned something new with my camera!

Also my brother bought a car this weekend and I got a shot of him with it.


Beer O’Clock

So yesterday Bryan and I hit up Peace Street Market and then went to Flying Saucer for dinner/drinks. If you’ve never been to Peace Street Market – it’s really cool for beer lovers. Lots of different beers that you can’t find at your typical grocery store. They’ve got tons of wine there too. I took the following picture of the wine aisle.


I don’t like this one that much because I couldn’t get enough depth of field and still let in enough light so it’s a bit out of focus. I took this one too that I like a little better.


We sat outside at Flying Saucer so I got to take a few pictures in natural light (AKA the best light). Bryan and I had a good time there as usual and he wasn’t even that embarrassed that I pulled out my camera!


Now I am off to the museum…be prepared for those pictures tomorrow!