Beer O’Clock

So yesterday Bryan and I hit up Peace Street Market and then went to Flying Saucer for dinner/drinks. If you’ve never been to Peace Street Market – it’s really cool for beer lovers. Lots of different beers that you can’t find at your typical grocery store. They’ve got tons of wine there too. I took the following picture of the wine aisle.


I don’t like this one that much because I couldn’t get enough depth of field and still let in enough light so it’s a bit out of focus. I took this one too that I like a little better.


We sat outside at Flying Saucer so I got to take a few pictures in natural light (AKA the best light). Bryan and I had a good time there as usual and he wasn’t even that embarrassed that I pulled out my camera!


Now I am off to the museum…be prepared for those pictures tomorrow!


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