Do Rad Things

Yesterday was the day. I’ve been planning for it and working towards it for 2 months now. However, this story should really begin about 8 months ago. (warning, a little bit of sappiness to follow).

I’ve always been blessed with the ability to eat whatever the hell I wanted to and not gain a pound. Part of that I attribute to having danced a lot throughout high school. College didn’t seem to change me all that much – I may have gained 5 pounds over the four years, but that was due to the fact that I was losing muscle and replacing it with fat. Though this was pretty cool and convenient, not having to worry about weight and exercise and dieting, I soon learned that size isn’t everything and I needed to make some changes. This sudden realization that I needed to develop healthier habits happened when I went to my annual doctor’s appointment. After having my blood pressure, weight, and height checked, I got situated in the room, waiting for the doctor, when the nurse came in to check my blood pressure again. This was because she literally did not believe it was correct the first time, because for my size and age 150/90 is just not normal. 150/90, guys. Normal is 120/80.

So that was when I starting making changes. My mom loaned me her blood pressure monitor (because, surprise! She struggles with blood pressure too…must be where I got it from). I began checking it every day and realized, that what I thought was “white coat syndrome” (where your blood pressure is high at the doctor because you’re nervous about being at the doctor), was a real problem. On a good day I was probably 140/85. So little by little, I improved my diet. I stopped eating Taco Bell as much (I’ll always love you,#7 with chicken). I joined a gym after trying to run a mile for the first time in over a year (and NOT succeeding). And since then I’ve filled an entire drawer up with workout clothes and now own some dumbbells and an exercise ball.

I made a New Year’s Resolution to run a 5k this year…REALLY run it. Then in February, I saw that Color Me Rad was coming to Raleigh so I signed me and Bryan up. The last 2 months I’ve logged a lot more time on the treadmill and cleaned up my diet even more and it all paid off because yesterday’s race was so incredible!!

And now…pictures: (Note: some of these were taken on my dad’s phone)




And the lovely finish line picture! I didn’t time my run exactly,  but according to the clock I was approximately 27 minutes. My goal was 32 minutes…so I was pretty damn happy about that. I couldn’t believe it. 🙂



Shout-out to the best parents in the world for coming out to support me. I don’t think I would have ran the whole way if I didn’t know they were waiting for me at the finish line.



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