Sunrise and Smoothies

Good morning! I’m at my parents’ house taking care of the dog this weekend. When I let him outside this morning I took my first attempt at a sunrise shot. After a little post-processing and cropping, this is what I got.


I need some practice before our beach trip in July (we’re staying on the sound which will get some incredible sunsets). Can’t wait! 🙂

I have a new obsession with smoothies. I had one for breakfast AND dinner yesterday. I even bought cute straws to make prettier pictures of them. Here’s the one I had for dinner. And i even included the recipe (totally improvised btw…once you get the hang of what goes in a smoothie, you really can’t screw it up).

1 c. Strawberries
1 Banana, frozen
1/4 c. oats
1/2 c. almond milk
1/2 c. plain greek yogurt
1 tbsp peanut butter

I didn’t realize I still had some vanilla protein powder with me or I would have used that instead of the yogurt. Or really, you can use both. But I used the yogurt for its protein. Here are some beautiful pictures of the result!




And it was delicious. Also, so are these nutella no-bake cookies (gluten free, but loaded with sugar…not super-healthy)Image




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