All By Myself

My weekend is winding down (at least for the next few hours). It’s been a pretty exciting one, considering I’m at my parents’ watching the dog for them. I’ve practiced a lot of photography which I’m most excited about. And yesterday I got to have lunch with two old friends who I haven’t seen in over four years! I won’t bore you with more words…here’s yesterday in picture form.Image
Probably one of the best pictures I’ve gotten of him. He’s not very photogenic.
(I think I’m gonna redo this one with a whole dandelion…it wasn’t a difficult shot. Just need a clear blue sky for it…and a dandelion. Which apparently don’t exist here in Knightdale yet)Image
Wish this one was more in focus.Image
Before I took this I read about spot metering. Taking this picture actually made spot metering make so much sense…if the buildings were correctly exposed, the sky would look white. But, I metered off the sky and underexposed it a tad and then brightened it in paintshop. I’m practically an expert now, guys! I did, however forget to open my aperture a little bit so more of the background was in focus. You win some, you lose some.Image
I haven’t taken any pictures today but I’ve been pretty productive – I cleaned my car inside and out (which took about 2 hours and was probably a waste of time because it’s now parked under a tree gathering pollen). And I gathered all the shit I’ve been storing in my closet for when I move and consolidated it to a giant box. Basically, that was me starting to pack. More of that will come in the following months. Much more. I might go shopping (again) now…for lack of anything better to do.


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