Rainy Days

Something I’ve noticed ever since I got my camera is that I feel like I have a new pair of eyes. Everything I look at, I try to see as a photograph. It makes me appreciate the little things – like driving home when the sun is at that point in the sky that it shines right in your eyes – that’s not just annoying to me anymore- it’s some of the most beautiful and flattering light. And rain? Rain makes everything shine and sparkle a little bit more than usual. Rain clouds are so interestingly shaped and textured that they make the sky itself a good subject for a photo.

In conclusion – we have a beautfiul little world. And I love taking pictures of it.


Disclaimer: I was at a REALLY long stop light when i took this ^Image

This is probably one of my favorites for a very simple reason – I did absolutely zero post-processing on this. I didn’t even convert it to black and white. This is exactly what I saw through my camera the other night when it was stormy. It hadn’t started raining quite yet…I was on my way home from work on Ebenzer Church Rd and I pulled over by the bike trail to try capturing pictures of the crazy looking storm clouds. Little did I know it would turn out so awesome. (I like when I’m accidentally good at photography)




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