In Front of the Lens

This is probably the most difficult thing I have done so far with my camera – self-portraits! I’ve been running out of things to photograph,and also since I’m always the one taking the pictures, I’m never actually in them. So I bought a handy remote for my camera and set out to take pictures of myself. I say this is the hardest thing I’ve done because normally I just critique my photography skills when i’m looking back at pictures I’ve taken. This time, though I was critiquing both my photography skills and how I look in the pictures. I have no desire to stare at high-definition pictures of myself for hours of post-processing so I edited three of my favorite ones and the others I will probably just have to come back to another day. I’m not sure this is my favorite thing in the world to do…but I thought it would be good practice.Image


I look just like my brother (but with makeup) in this one because you can’t see my hair. Freakkyyyyy.Image

Also, I took this one a while ago, but wasn’t quite ready to share it with facebook yet. This was my after-work glass of wine on a rainy day.


I’m really not as emo as this picture looks…windows just give a lot of good light. (and yes, I do always put PJ’s on after work…either that or work-out clothes.)


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