Kitchen Crafting

Well today I was going to go grocery shopping, but I’ve had a hard time staying within my grocery budget the past few months so I’m trying to put it off for a few days since it’s almost the end of the month. I don’t have much in my fridge and wasn’t really sure what I was going to eat tonight after hitting the gym. I mean…I had some leftover chicken I had cooked two nights ago. And I had cheese. I took these for lunch today with some bread and made a sandwich out of them, but it was lacking excitement. inspiration struck tonight,however and I wound up with this delicious Alfredo dish.


The best part? I didn’t use a recipe! I’m really getting good at being in the kitchen. I used to be a disaster. For this, I just used my knowledge of how other alfredo/white sauce based recipes go. They’re all pretty similar. Garlic, flour, milk, cheese. I added some cajun seasoning in an effort to mimic my favorite Chili’s recipe (which I DO have a recipe for, but it didn’t turn out great the one time I tried it). This dish actually did closely resemble the Cajun Chicken Pasta I love…but with a fraction of the calories/sodium most likely. (note: I used whole wheat pasta and no cream in the sauce…just a decent amount of cheese and skim milk).

The whole meal took me under 15 minutes to make since my chicken was already cooked.

I’ve also invented a new favorite healthy desert. It’s perfect for while I’m weight training and need lots of protein. All it is, is chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder and almond milk. If you stick it in the fridge, it’s like pudding, and if you stick it in the freezer, it’s ice cream! Except it’s under 100 calories (can’t remember how much exactly) and like a whopping 30g of protein. It fills me up,satisfies my sweet tooth, and gives me like a 3rd of the protein I require daily. I actually have “real” ice cream in my freezer, but opt to make this kind instead most nights. Not because it tastes better but because I feel better eating it…and that feeling can go a long way! (Note: this “ice cream” tastes like dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. If you enjoy the taste of dark chocolate, you’ll be scraping your bowl clean like I do).



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