This Weekend’s Projects

So I’ve been pretty busy this weekend. I did a couple projects for the new apartment I’m moving to next month (27 days!).

The biggest one: The end table. This was a gift from my sister. It was in pretty bad shape, but with daddy’s help and a couple coats of paint I think it will look pretty cool in my colorful living room. This matches the quilt and coasters featured here.



So…that was a cheap piece of furniture. Just a major time investment this weekend.

I’m also pretty proud of these lamps I did.

Here’s what both bases looked like before (already taped off for painting):

I got two these at a thrift store for $7 each. I got the plain white shades at walmart for $4.

For this one I spray painted the base and covered the lamp shade with fabric (as you can see from the above picture). This will go in my craft room.

I also spray painted the other base as well as the chevron pattern on the shade. It was really difficult to tape off the chevron pattern so it’s far from perfect, but I’m happy with it. This one’s for my living room.

AND I have a large lamp shade that I also painted that goes to a floor lamp which will go in my craft room. This is shinier in person…it’s the same gold spray paint as the table lamp base. Also not perfect but a little better than the chevron one.

I then spent most of today packing all the stuff that has accumulated at my parent’s house! It’s going to be one crazy move…there are too many things! But I’m looking forward to getting settled in.


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