All Those Pretty Lights

Vacation has begun. We’ve been in Corolla, NC for two days and it’s been wonderful. While I’ve been avoiding taking my camera to the beach for fear of damaging it, I’ve had plenty to take pictures of around here. My personal favorites are the ones of the sunset off the private pier we have, and the fireworks show we got to see last night because it was conveniently rescheduled due to the hurricane.

Enjoy all the pretty colors.

07-07-201401 07-07-201402  07-07-201404 07-07-20140307-07-201410 07-07-201411 07-07-201415 07-07-20142607-08-201402  07-08-201403 07-08-20142507-08-201404 07-08-201405 07-08-201406 07-08-201407 07-08-20141507-08-201408  07-08-201410 07-08-20141107-08-201409 07-08-201412 07-08-20142607-08-201413 07-08-201414 07-08-201417 07-08-201418 07-08-201419 07-08-20141607-08-201421 07-08-201422 07-08-201423 07-08-201424   07-08-20140107-08-201427



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