Home Sweet Home

So if you’ve been reading this or any of my recent facebook updates you know that I have just moved to my very own two bedroom apartment in North Raleigh. No more college-town for this girl. No more apartments with an empty liquor bottle collection lining the tops of the cabinets, no more sharing fridge space, or planning laundry around other people’s sleep schedules. It’s a new era!

And that’s the era of organizing and decorating for the next gazillion months because that’s how long it feels like it’s going to take.

That being said here are some photo-chronicles of the first few days at the new place.

Early in the week I started with the kitchen because I had the most stuff for it already there. The rest had yet to be moved. My kitchen is 50’s diner themed decor so I bought some cool checkered shelf liner to go with the red and blue stuff.


You’ll see some more of the kitchen later.

By Friday afternoon I was wiped out, so mom came out to help me with some more exciting stuff than just moving boxes. We put my craft room mostly together. And had fun with the vinyl polka dots on the wall to take a break from the hard labor. I think this is going to be my favorite room. It looks done in the pictures, but it’s hardly functional yet…I haven’t found places for all my craft supplies so the organization part is still to come.



Saturday was the big day. Our Knightdale friends helped me move all the really big heavy stuff including my bed which meant it would be my first night sleeping there! After we got everything moved, my mom stuck around to help with some furniture building (did I mention how awesome she is?) We had quite the experience with these kitchen chairs, and I almost threw a hex key across the room on multiple occasions, but the end result is adorable. (Here’s the part where I said you’d be seeing more of the kitchen.)


I treated my mom to lunch at PF Chang’s today for all her help. I ate my leftovers for dinner later at my newly built table. Then I had to take the edge off because 7 straight days of loading and unlaoding vehicles takes a lot out of a little person like me. And since I hadn’t bought a new shower curtain liner yet, I decided to draw a bath and pour myself a cocktail with the only two cocktail ingredients I had on hand  (oh and some frozen strawberries for some extra fanciness). It was pink and delicious.



Sunday, I tried to spend some time in my bedroom which ironically is the least put-together at the moment. You’d think that would be priority, but it’s a mess because I’m waiting to paint my dresser…which at this point seems like it’s never going to happen because the weather is calling for storms all week. I did accomplish building my Ikea table and unpacking some things that belong on it. I also hung my picture cork board.

07-21-201413 07-21-201414

Then my wonderful mother came over again when I called her in near tears because I couldn’t get a screw in the wall to hang a curtain rod (Hello over-tiredness). She brought lunch and we had our first meal together at MY apartment. She’s never come over to my place before for a meal so this was cool. And we got to sit at my new table that we worked so hard to build the day before. We finished the other half of the craft room that day and probably several other things. It was quite productive.

07-21-201408 07-21-201410

I believe once I completely finish each room I’m going to do a separate post on each and showcase all the details (because I love details). There are more things to be hung on the walls, couch and recliner have yet to arrive, and organizing is going to take some trial and error.This is the fun part though. 🙂


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