Eat the Same Thing Every Day

So I came up with this idea kind of mid-cooking last night. I have watched my wonderful coworker Hannah do the 30 days of Paleo this past month where she ate chicken drumsticks and carrots for lunch nearly every day (with the exception of a couple days).

I’ve been eating turkey/spinach/cheese wraps for lunch every day for the last two weeks because I had been avoiding grocery shopping during the apartment transition and I bought the ingredients for them to keep in the fridge at work. That is how long it’s taking me to go through all those ingredients. Now if I didn’t eat a wrap every day, my turkey might go bad if I didn’t find another use for it, and my spinach would probably definitely go bad. And food going bad is money wasted.

So after eating the same thing for quite a few days in a row, I realized…this isn’t so bad. I might be a little tired of it, but I feel good about using all the food I’ve bought instead of throwing half away.

So I was cooking in my brand new stainless steel pans last night (which I have decided that I LOVE btw)…just seasoned chicken and sauteed peppers. Nothing fancy, I’ve done it before. And then it struck me that if I cook two chicken breasts, that’s 4 servings, and there are 4 nights left in the week (including last night). Now I didn’t have enough peppers for this, but when the chicken was done, I put the servings in individual Tupperware, half the peppers on my plate, and half in one of the containers. I will have to get more peppers for later in the week, BUT I think this is a good plan. I’m doing the same for breakfast and lunch, except I’m not making it ahead of time. Lunch I already told you about. Breakfast, I’ve been eating blueberries and vanilla greek yogurt (berries go bad quickly). I’m gonna try experimenting with this eating the same thing every day plan. I think I’ll do it monday-friday and then leave the weekends for flexibility…and switch up the meals each week.

And now that I have bored you to tears…here are some pictures of my colorful meal from last night (and for the next three nights.)

07-23-201402 07-23-201404

07-23-201405 07-23-201406

Notice the dessert picture. The only reason I eat meals with just a 4oz serving of chicken (the correct serving size, btw) is because I pretty much eat six small meals a day, dessert included, so don’t assume I’m starving myself. I’m pretty much constantly eating. I didn’t take a picture of the final product of my dessert because they looked like a hot mess. But they’re delicious.



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