Adventures in Furniture Painting

So I’m finally getting around to posting my dresser-painting adventures. I have this tendency to forget to take before pictures. I already hadmost ofthe drawer hardware taken off before i remembered to and I didn’t have the time or desire to put all the drawers IN the dresser for a before picture, so this is the best I got…just a before picture of a drawer.07-30-201403-3This was a 4 day project. Thursday evening I took off all the hardware, filled the bolt holes with wood putty and drilled new ones because I switched to knobs, which only require one hole instead of two.07-30-201404-3Friday I said screw you to the weather (which had been storms all week), and started priming anyway. Lesson learned from priming:  Oil-based anything is an absolute nightmare and I never want to use it again.

I was very impressed with my ability to literally cover myself with paint while doing this…to the point where I wasn’t sure what I was trying to paint, the dresser or myself. Not to mention the confidence I had when marching my paint-splattered self into Walmart on multiple occasions this weekend. I wanted to capture that detail of this project, so these photos happened.07-30-201401-2



Here’s the dresser after priming.

07-30-201401-3The next day was spent painting the dresser itself and then helping Bryan move in. Luckily since his dad was in town helping him, I got help moving my dresser back to the bedroom so I could use my balcony space to paint the drawers the next day.

Painting the drawers was time consuming and I didn’t take many progress photos because I was messy and didn’t want paint all over my camera. I did the white first, then the red. But when I started doing the red, I kept getting red finger prints on the white. And it takes a couple coats of white to cover that shit up. Luckily the only real time consuming part was waiting for it to dry…so I still got a lot of other stuff done in between the many coats of paint I did.

And finally on Sunday night I put the new hardware on, and reassembled the thing. I was too exhausted after that to even bother putting my clothes in it so I put it off until the morning.

Here’s the finished product.07-30-20140307-30-20140207-30-201401

And I’m never painting furniture again.


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