Weekend Recap

So I would have ideally wrote this last night. But I ran out of time and motivation. I am JUST about finished getting all settled into my new place. I have been unpacking/cleaning/organizing on a daily basis for the last 2 weeks. My couch and recliner are coming Thursday so once they’re here and I fix a few minor things I’ll be DONE with the craziness and I can enjoy more time spent doing my favorite things.

Like making pancakes and drinking wine, which is my way of saying that’s what I did this weekend. Here ya go:

Friday Night: Movie night with Bryan during which I drank a bottle of wine. (Hey the bottle said “Relax” on it! I was just following directions)

08-04-201401 08-04-201402

Saturday morning: I woke up and spent an hour making these babies. Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes – with chocolate chips because I like chocolate. Bryan thought there were too many chocolate chips in them which there probably were.But to me they were perfect. I put some vanilla greek yogurt inbetween two and made a pancake sandwich. It was heaven in my mouth. Also eating it in bed made it 10x better.

08-04-201401  08-04-201403

And just because it was rainy and gross this weekend, I made sure I practiced using my camera and attempted some pretty rain pictures. Not the greatest but they make the rain prettier to look at.

08-04-201405 08-04-201408

Sunday: We were GOING to watch more movies and make a few different homemade popcorn recipes to go along with it. But we watched one movie, made one batch of popcorn (that we put garlic salt and parmesean cheese on…it was yummy), and then fell asleep at 4pm. And then we were too lame to start another movie. We shall attempt this another day and I’ll have pictures of ALL the different popcorns. (I had big plans for the popcorn, guys). Just wait for it.

Oh andsince this post has already gotten pretty random (like most of them do), I’ll throw this in here. I did my first scrapbook page in my new craft room! It felt strange not being with my mom, and I found I was lacking a few necessities but it came together pretty well!



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