Photography Alphabet Challenge

No photos or recipes to see in this post. I’m just announcing that I’m starting a new project for myself that will occur over the next year. 

The Gist: Spend 2 weeks taking photos of everything I can think of that starts with each letter in the alphabet. (2 weeks x 26 letters = 52 weeks = 1 year).

Rules I Made Up:

  • No reusing photos I’ve already taken
  • No skipping ahead in the alphabet.
  • I’m still allowed to take pictures of other things that DON’T apply to this project but can’t include them in any of my posts that DO apply to this project. (I’m not going to miss taking pictures of Christmas just because it doesn’t start with “J”). 
  • Be as creative as possible. Take mundane objects and make them into something visually interesting.

What you can expect will be a few of my regular types of posts here and there because I’ll still be trying new recipes and making fun DIY projects…but every two weeks you’ll see a post of all the pictures I took for that letter.

I have already begun my “A” pictures (like I’ve taken one so far) so next Tuesday (the 19th) will be my post of A pictures. I’m pretty optimistic that this will take my photography to the next level. I feel as though I’ve been a little stuck with amateurish looking photos and can’t seem to apply myself enough to get any better. But I do best when I set goals for myself so in a year’s time we’ll see where I’m at!


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