Weeks #3 and #4

So I never blogged last week’s meals for several reasons: 1) I only took pictures of dinner and 2) dinner was spaghetti. Not impressive. Though I did nail mom’s meatball recipe (again)…this time using ground turkey though. Still just as tasty in my opinion!


Lunch I tried something new but it wasn’t something I wanted to eat everyday. Nor take pictures of when trying to get ready in the AM. And as a snack/desert I attempted some protein/granola bars but they didn’t turn into bars very well. So they became balls. The after picture is missing. I’m the worst at remembering to take pictures of my food. I also hate doing it because I never have the right lighting so they suck anyways.



So that was last week. This week I made pepperoni stuffed chicken.

08-13-201404 08-13-201403

And cashew butter/chocolate popcorn for a light dessert. You can see I didn’t take this picture until AFTER i had scooped most of it out into individual serving baggies to be put in the freezer. Yea, I’m that bad. I didn’t even bother editing any of these pictures. I’m pretty much just putting them up here as proof that I’m still doing this cook once, eat all week thing…which by the way I like VERY much.


Lunch I’m scrounging for because I didn’t want to shop this week on account of I spent too much last week. And breakfast has just been more smoothies. I think I’m going to make something yummy tomorrow though…and hopefully take decent pictures of it.

Get ready for my first alphabet photography challenge post next week! I’ve been attempting pictures of lots of “A” things…it’s going alright. Definitely going to be a learning experience. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.


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