Pancakes and Muffins

Confession: I’m in love with breakfast food.

Thursday I made some banana bread muffins. I adapted a recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (great blog for healthy desserts)…I made them whole wheat (just replaced flour with whole wheat flour) and replaced the sugar with an equal amount of Honey. They were so good I’ve been eating them for dessert instead of breakfast.



Then this morning I made pancakes,my favorite weekend morning activity. I’ve made these before but had my mom’s help because it was when my sister and I were home for a girls’ weekend. I’ve since gotten a bit better at making pancakes…but I still struggle with flipping them sometimes. These guys were a little uncooperative but they came out pretty damn good regardless. I did not make the strawberry cream sauce to go on top…but I did use strawberry cheesecake flavored greek yogurt instead (because Food Lion was out of vanilla AGAIN)

Strawberry Protein Pancakes08-17-201401




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