A is For…

I’ve been looking forward to this post for about a week now. I really immersed myself in this project. And this is only the beginning. I took tons of pictures so I apologize for the length of this post..I am considering for the rest of the alphabet doing one post per subject but that may be too cumbersome. We’ll see.

So here’s what I photographed over the last two weeks.

1) Aquarium


I went to the NC Aquarium with the goal to capture more than just a standard through-the-glass picture of some fish. I absolutely adore this picture above except for one problem – it wasn’t in focus!  The aquarium had me getting used to manual focus because anytime you’re trying to shoot through glass, autofocus gets confused. This picture was a spur of the moment thing but I had forgotten to refocus after backing up from the window. Bummer. The one below is similar and more in focus but I thought it wasn’t as cute.


And then I got a few standard shots of fish.

Aquarium08-13-201403 Aquarium08-13-201404

Lessons Learned:

  • Manual focus is great but remember to keep checking it.
  • ISO 3200 is the most I ever want. 6400 gets way too noisy and it can’t be fixed later

2) Ajar

To get ideas for pictures I literally browsed an online dictionary. This was one of those words I got from there…random, but easy to do. And it was a pretty morning at the beach so it turned out to be a pretty alright photo.


3) Atlantic Ocean

Yea it was convenient that I went to the beach during this. This was actually more challenging than I expected. I didn’t want a standard snapshot of the beach that anyone with a camera phone can get. But I also didn’t want to get too risky with getting my camera wet. I ended up with a bunch of shots of the waves in action and had to pick my favorite. They were all pretty similar but this one got a good close up of the crashing wave (and the sun was actually out that morning!)


Lessons learned: 1) when waves are coming towards you in camera, they are coming towards you in real life and you should probably stop squatting so low.

4) Arcade

This was surprisingly one of my least favorites because I thought it would be fun to photograph an arcade. I was pressed for time, and the sun was still out so there were lots of reflections I couldn’t avoid. I just couldn’t think of anything creative so these are the best I got.

Arcade08-13-201402 Arcade08-13-201401

5) Abandoned

This one was cool. When we were at the beach we drove past this abandoned movie theater and I asked if we could stop and I could snap a photo. It was actually raining at the time so I stayed in the Van and shot it with the door open. This picture was just made to be black and white and I had the vision for it as soon as I saw it. It wasn’t a difficult shot or even that unique but I thought the subject itself was unique enough in this case.


6) Apple

Still life is fun. I struggled with aperture and focusing on these guys. I got to use my new macro lenses though (the little magnifiers you screw on to the end of your lens…not an actual lens).

Apples08-13-201402 Apples08-13-201403 Apples08-17-201402

7) Apartment

Self explanitory. My apartment doesn’t get tons of light so I used a tripod and a slow shutter speed for these.

apartment08-13-201401 apartment08-13-201402

8) Accessory

These pearls were a gift from my dad after one of his trips to China. I found a couple interesting things to do with them.

Accessory08-16-201401 Accessory08-16-201402 Accessory08-16-201403 Accessory08-16-201404

9) Airplane

I live and work close to the airport so for the last two weeks I knew I wanted to try photographing some airplanes but I didn’t know from where. I found out about the observation deck at RDU and went there but there wasn’t a good enough view for a kit lens (telephoto may have worked alright). So I left after getting several unsuccessful shots of faraway planes. But on my way back I saw a plane fly overhead and so I pulled into a gas station parking lot, ventured over to a grassy area on the side of the road and waited for the next plane. It didn’t take long and I ended up with this.


Lessons learned:

  • You’ll never regret making the time to just go out and photograph things. If there’s something you want to try just do it.

10) Achievement

Again, the point of this is to find unique/creative/interesting ways to photograph subjects. I could have taken a straight on shot of my diploma but what’s exciting about that? I decided to focus on the “magna cum laude” at the bottom because THAT was the real achievement to me and I kinda hate how it’s written so tiny…I couldn’t even find it when I first saw my diploma.


11) Award

I got to drag out my collection of ribbons from dance competitions for this one. I had fun with them.

Award08-17-201401 Award08-17-201402 Award08-17-201404 Award08-17-201405

12) Amethyst

This piece of amethyst was also in the box full of old dance stuff. I think it was some sort of special award at the competition that gave out all the purple ribbons…purple was kinda their thing. Anyways, when I saw it I was like “hey something else to photograph”. I used my macro lenses and this is what I got:



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