This is way overdue. But I’ve been keeping up with blogging my dinners lately so I don’t want to stop now. Last weekend I had my parents over for dinner and made them Enchiladas. I feel like I’ve already talked about that, but what I didn’t share was what I did with the extra taco meat (ground turkey yo!) and homemade enchilada sauce. I made a casserole for the week! Enchiladas are delcious but they are very difficult to get to stay all wrapped up nicely, so they inevitably end up in a mess of a pile on my plate anyways. i figured casserole style would lend itself best to leftovers. And it did. I put green onions on top to make it pretty, though I’m sure my god-awful food photography still doesn’t do it justice.

Enchilada Casserole08-24-201401

Enchilada Casserole08-24-201402

I will not have a post for this week’s dinner because I’ve burned through my grocery budget and am just scrounging and using up any leftovers. Yesterday I had pasta with mozzarella cheese, some seasonings and some chopped up green pepper (and then downed an oreo mint milkshake from cookout). So yea…no fun recipes to share this week.


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