B is For…

Letter B is done! I’ve been continuing to take tons of pictures, go on adventures around the city, and learn a lot about photography. So allow me to just jump right in…

1) ButtonsButtons08-24-201401Buttons08-24-201402

2) Boat (?)

Okay So it’s a Kayak. But I won’t be taking pictures like this when I’m on letter K in December. And a Kayak is a type of boat right? This was at sunset on Lake Lynn which I posted other pictures of here if you’re interested.Boat08-24-201401

3) Butterfly Bush

Located in my friends’, Laura and Jordan’s backyard at their new town house. I used my macro lens adaptor thingys, but I’ve noticed that they aren’t very sharp because of that. Manual focus can be a bitch without a tripod.

Butterfly Bush08-26-201412Butterfly Bush08-26-201413

3) Blue


4) Beer/Brewery

Had a groupon for a brewery tour at a place right down the street from me. The beer was pretty good and we got to take the glasses home with us.


5) Bubble Bath

Yes I took my camera in the bath with me. No I did not take a bath just so I could take pictures. Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed by this anyway but I like the picture. 🙂 If there’s one thing I’ve learned about photography it’s that you frequently have to do silly things to get the shots you want.


6) Bell Tower

Yep I ventured back to State’s campus. It was strange being there especially on Labor Day because it was deserted as can be seen by several other pictures I took there.

Bell Tower-09-01-201417) Bench

I don’t know..it’s just a bench.  Bench-09-01-20141 Bench-09-01-20142

8) Bike

Didn’t really get the shot I was going for with the bikes. But I got these instead.

Bike-09-01-20141 Bike-09-01-20142 (2) Bike-09-01-20142

(The last two are the same picture…one is just cropped more. I couldn’t decide which one was better)

9) Books

The bookstacks were quiet today. Except for the sound of my camera shutter.

Books-09-01-20143 Books-09-01-20146 Books-09-01-20149

10) Brickyard

Brickyard without people in it. Whaaat?


11) Bridge

Went to Yates Mill Park. It’s pretty over there.

Bridge-09-01-20141-HDR Bridge-09-01-20143

12) Barbecue

It wouldn’t be labor day weekend without barbecueing! Also I learned that using the word barbecue as a verb is a northern thing.

BBQ-09-01-20141 BBQ-09-01-20142

13) Bryan!

He’s not the most willing model. But I shot this under the guise of just taking pics for scrapbooking purposes. I thought it was blog worthy though because to put it nicely, this boy is not very photogenic. No shame in that. But THIS picture…probably the single greatest picture I’ve ever seen of him. Not to toot my own horn or anything…I just got lucky 😉

Labor Day-09-01-20144


This time around I learned a few things (listing them is really for my own benefit):

  • established a decent post-processing workflow
  • aperture and shutter priority modes as well as exposure compensation (strange,most people learn those things BEFORE manual mode)
  • Exposure bracketing and merging
  • Using a longer focal length from farther away looks better in some cases

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