Glass Etching

So I found a new really cool thing thanks to my Mom. Glass etching! It looks like it would be involved and difficult, but it’s actually the easiest thing ever. If you’re like me and already have a silhouette machine and use vinyl for various other craft projects, the only other thing you need is glass etching cream (which is expensive, but that’s what coupons or Moms are good for), and a paint brush.

Here are the steps I followed (sorry I didn’t get pictures of all of them)

1. Cut your design you wish to etch out of vinyl. I don’t think it really matters what kind. You will be using it as a stencil.

2. Weed out the parts of vinyl that you DO want etched. Remember, it’s a stencil.

3. Place the vinyl on the surface you’re etching. Paint the etching cream on over it. According to my mom you have to really glob it on there.

Glass Etching-09-04-2014-03

4. After a short period of time rinse off the etching cream (or put it back in the container with your paintbrush to be reused…supposedly you can do that). Then take off your vinyl and admire your work of art.

Glass Etching-09-04-2014-01

And now that I’ve done these bottles I’m trying to find other things I want to etch because it’s so cool.Glass Etching-09-04-2014-02


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