C is For…

Failure. That’s right. C is for failure. Because this is all I got.

1) Cab

Tried to learn panning. It’s hard. You have to pan at exactly the right speed for your subject to be in focus and this is the best I got. It happened to be the one shot I got where the cab wasn’t entirely in the frame too.Cab-09-13-2014-01

2) Candy Corn

Generic. Easy. But delicious-looking.

Candy Corn-09-13-2014-01

3) Church

A pretty church around the corner from the hotel I was at in Chicago.

Church-09-13-2014-01 Church-09-13-2014-02 Church-09-13-2014-05

4) Chicago

View from the John Hancock building. Didn’t use a ttripod since I wasn’t going to carry it around with me and awkwardly set it up between tables of people…but still pretty decent.


5) Clouds

This one is definitely better than any generic photo of the sky with puffy white clouds would be. Since it was taken from an airplane. At sunrise. I just got lucky there.


I’ll do better next time. I was just flat out lazy for this one. I didn’t make as much time for it and some of my photo-ops were bad enough that I couldn’t even use any pictures from them. I’ll just keep pluggin’ along though.


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