Happy Fall!

I believe the first official day of fall is tomorrow. But I am in bed slightly under the weather, sipping a pumpkin smoothie this morning, and what says fall more than pumpkin flavored things and colds?

Also I had quite the fall-tastic weekend. I got carried away a bit since it was still in the upper 80s this weekend. But I just couldn’t wait any longer! I made pumpkin french toast on Saturday morning.


As far as french toast goes, the only kind I ever usually eat is our family recipe of cheesy french toast – that’s right it’s basically just french toast meets grilled cheese. Sounds weird but it’s incredible. So when I make this cheesy french toast, I’ve always used a bit more milk than is required because I don’t like eggs so I don’t like my french toast to taste like them. I did add more milk to this recipe but not enough more because they were still pretty eggy. Aside from that though, the pumpkin flavor was so good mixed with the maple syrup.



After the french toast I had to finish off the can of pumpkin so I made muffins. They aren’t that fantastic. But they make for a good little snack when popped in the microwave for 20 seconds.


After I spent the morning baking, I went to Food Lion for some beer to bring to tailgating. I ended up getting a mix-n-match six pack of all different fall flavored beers. Yea, like I said, I got a little carried away. But again…what says fall more than football and pumpkin beer?

Football-09-21-2014-05 Football-09-21-2014-22


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