How to Sew Seat Cushions and Other Romantic Things

Yesterday was mine and Bryan’s 4 year anniversary. And of course I got the brilliant idea to do something adorable for it on Tuesday…which gave me 4 days to prepare. However, I managed to pull it off. I put together a cute little dining area on my balcony which was previously sans furniture. The only thing out there was my recycling. I took this photo after I bought the furniture this week, but before I did anything else to it.


So I went to town with some simple and fast decorating ideas. It helps tremendously that I have my own craft room now or I would not have been able to do any of this. one thing I knew I wanted for my furniture was seat cushions. So guess what I was doing until 11pm Friday night? Sewing seat cushions. BUT they turned out awesome. I really like the fabric I picked out. And considering sewing isn’t my forte when it comes to crafts, and the fact that I just kind of winged this, I’d say I’m pretty damn proud of them.



And then came the complete picture. Before I show it to you though, here’s some background info. I was cooking dinner while Bryan went to a nearby Chinese place to pick up rice, (because I burnt the rice), trying to get all dressed up, AND set up this table all at the same time…so it’s a miracle I even got a picture of it before we sat down to eat.


A few little details:

1) I dressed up some dollar store candle holders with ribbon and lace (and cute little tags with the number 4 on them).


2) I made little menus just for the full restaurant effect.


That’s about it. It was a pretty calm anniversary, with the exception of the moment of panic when I burned the rice. Seriously though, if you know me, you know that SOMETHING had to go wrong with this plan. I’m just glad Bryan knew exactly what to do to fix it.




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