October Original

Time for Fair Pics! The fair was so much fun to photograph. I went twice so I could do day and night. It’s a world of difference between the two. Morning is calm and there are lots of families with small children walking around. Nighttime is crazy – lines are long, everything is lit up. I think I did a pretty decent job capturing both.

The Food:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-02 Fair2014-10-19-2014-17 Fair2014-10-19-2014-01 Fair2014-10-19-2014-29 Fair2014-10-19-2014-32 Fair2014-10-19-2014-33

The Rides:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-30  Fair2014-10-19-2014-28  Fair2014-10-19-2014-05  Fair2014-10-19-2014-27Fair2014-10-19-2014-26  Fair2014-10-19-2014-08  Fair2014-10-19-2014-31  Fair2014-10-19-2014-15  Fair2014-10-19-2014-07  Fair2014-10-19-2014-12 Fair2014-10-19-2014-13  Fair2014-10-19-2014-06Fair2014-10-19-2014-24Fair2014-10-19-2014-11   Fair2014-10-19-2014-04

The Games:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-14 Fair2014-10-19-2014-03

The Ferris Wheel (and the view from it)

Fair2014-10-19-2014-25 Fair2014-10-19-2014-35   Fair2014-10-19-2014-21Fair2014-10-19-2014-22  Fair2014-10-19-2014-23

And This Picture:


So much fun!


F is For…

Alright here’s the deal: A and B were flukes. I had a lot of pictures for those because I had lower standards of what I let pass through into the cyberspace for the world to see. I also was not nearly as busy as I’ve been lately, which I know is the lamest excuse in the world, especially in my book. But it’s been true these past few weeks. I’m also going to use the excuse that the season of very limited daylight is approaching so my window for taking pictures during weekdays is pretty much nil at this point. I did what I could on the weekends.

There aren’t many pictures again this time, but I actually love them all. And enjoyed taking them. Most of them were taken at the state fair last weekend because there are a lot of fair things that start with the letter “F”. I’m also going to do a whole separate post on my fair pictures because I took a bunch and they’re pretty cool.

Ok, enough rambling.

1) Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market-10-11-2014-01

I love this picture. The sun hits the vegetables just right and makes them pop.

Fall-10-11-2014-02 Fall-10-11-2014-01

2) Fall

I have a lot for this word. I love fall so I’ve been taking as many pictures as I can. The leaves haven’t quite peaked yet though so I haven’t gotten anything with spectacular colors in it.

Fall-10-11-2014-04 Fall-10-11-2014-03 Fall-10-11-2014-05

3) Fair

With fall comes the state fair. I do love the state fair. I don’t love sitting in traffic for three hours and having an anxiety attack behind the wheel though. Since we didn’t make it before sundown the first time, I went back first thing Sunday morning to get more pictures. I’m very glad I did. Being there that morning reminded me that I still love the fair. Just not the first Saturday night that it’s open.

Fair2014-10-19-2014-15 Fair2014-10-19-2014-01

4) Fried Food

The main thing the state fair is famous for is deep frying everything. So this happened.


5) Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel at Night. Pretty cliche but I like it.


I currently have a broken 18-55mm lens so the only one I have is my 50mm (I guess it’s fortunate that I bought it recently). However, it’s not a very versatile lens…so hopefully I can either get my kit lens working again, or still take some cool pictures until Christmas when I can get a new wide-angle.

Roasted Veggie Alfredo

So a year ago I would have taken a recipe with homemade things in it, and just bought the premade stuff instead. This time, I did the opposite. Here is the original recipe. Instead of frozen veggies, I used fresh (from the farmer’s market!).

Cauliflower Alfredo-10-17-2014-01

And instead of jarred alfredo sauce I made my own…out of cauliflower! Here is that recipe.

Cauliflower Alfredo-10-17-2014-02

It sounds strange. But it actually tasted fairly similar to the real stuff. I added Parmesan cheese to it because you can’t have alfredo sauce without cheese. It’s a little on the bland side, but as long as I sprinkled some parmesean on top (which I do all the time anyways), it tasted just fine!

E is For…

E was actually a much harder letter to come up with subjects for than you’d expect. But here it is:

1) Emerald


This is the necklace Bryan gave me for our first anniversary (three years ago, damn)…it’s got a real emerald on it and it’s one of my favorite necklaces. This shot was actually fairly tricky. I’m getting used to my new lens and was using my macro attachments with it- focusing was a bitch for this shot to say the least.

2) Eyes

Okay, so it’s just one eye. But it’s my multi-colored one. These are both the same picture, I just couldn’t decide how I liked it cropped.



3) Empty

This was inspired when I saw the empty bottle of wine on my living room floor on Sunday morning. The bottle of wine that I drank Saturday night when I had my best friends over and we played Cards Against Humanity. (AKA best game in the world)


4) Early

So occasionally Saturday rolls around and – despite how much I hate hearing my alarm Mon-Fri – I am miraculously wide awake at 6:15am. That happened this weekend and after an unsuccessful attempt at sunset pictures the night before (too cloudy), I ventured out for sunrise pictures and didn’t regret it one bit. Reminded me of a quote I read the other day.

“There are only a fixed number of sunrises and sunsets to be enjoyed in a lifetime.  The wise photographer will do the math and not waste any of them.”



I took a lot of photos that morning and didn’t end up deleting the majority of them. A good thing, but also a bad thing because it was hard to pic these two. They stood out compared to all the other standard sunrise pictures though.

5) Evening

I asked Bryan what he visualized when I said the word “evening” and he sent me a link to the google image search for it…it was all sunsets. It was my intention to get a sunset picture, but if you read #4, the night I went out did not provide me with a photogenic sunset. So I improvised. I thought “what else about evenings do I like?” Answer: Sitting on the couch watching TV after eating dinner. That couple hours between dinner and bedtime where I just unwind and do whatever I want to do. Sometimes that means taking pictures of my feet while watching TV on the couch, or eating dessert while watching TV on the couch…but usually there’s some TV-watching-couch-sitting action going on. Especially when I have no more books to read…


6) Equipment

Yea I’ll throw this one in here I guess. I took this when I got my new lens and put it on facebook. But I did try to be creative with it (see the reflection there?). I didn’t realize until after I posted it on facebook that I could use it for the letter E. (NOTE: I did not actually take this picture with the new lens…it was still in the box. It seems very silly that I did that now.)


Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

I’m getting good at making things without a recipe now. This one was inspired by something I saw on pinterest forever ago…but I didn’t even glance at the recipe before whipping it up the other night.

I also didn’t measure anything so I can’t even make my own recipe for it. But it’s easy. Here’s what I did.


1. Cut chicken into small pieces and cook
2. Drown chicken in a mixture of hot sauce and butter (ratio depends on how hot you like it)
3. Fill tortialla with chicken, cheese, and green onions or whatever your heart desires. Blue cheese crumbles could be good too.
4. Use quesadilla maker to cook it. That’s right, I even use a quesadilla maker so there really is no tricky part to this process.


Note that I ate a third of this before I even thought to take pictures of it. Probably a sign I’m not destined to be a food blogger.

How to Photograph a Yardsale

Disclaimer: The title of this post is supposed to be ironic. Who really needs a how to on photographing yard sales? Also, I’m no expert on yardsalography. I’m as good at it as I am at making up words.

On a more serious note, I think taking these photos and writing about them is a helpful exercise. I took a mundane event like a yard sale, picked out a few key defining characteristics of it and tried to capture those characteristics as creatively/interestingly as possible. I try to do this with a lot of everyday events/happenings. It really helps you see more artistically.

With that being said, here is how I captured the yard sale I helped my dad with this weekend.

1. The Time of Day

Yard sales almost exclusively happen at the crack of dawn. So I thought one of the key characteristics was that early morning sunlight.

yardsale10-07-2014-06 yardsale10-07-2014-05

2. The Details

The little price stickers. The pocket change. The whole point of doing a yardsale.





3. The Things I Paid Attention to During Lulls

For the sake of randomness and not writing an entirely different post with these pictures…I photographed some flowers/Bees that were in front of the house because being the seller at a yard sale is not that exciting.

yardsale10-07-2014-04 yardsale10-07-2014-03

D is for…

D is even more pathetic than C. But this time I think it’s quality over quantity. See for yourself.

1) Dawn

I woke up on a Saturday morning and really liked how the sun was coming through the blinds.


2) Dead

This one was lucky. I was lazy enough to keep these flowers around forever and before I went to (finally) throw them out, I snapped a couple pictures.


3) Ducks

Bryan and I went to Lake Lynn for a walk one day and we came across the duckies! I took tons of pictures hoping that they would be doing something interesting in at least one of them.

Ducks-09-29-2014-01 Ducks-09-29-2014-02

4) Drink

This was a Makers & Mint that I got at the restaurant my sister works at, Venable, in Carborro. I was there this weekend with her and my parents for the music festival.


5) Dam

Lassiter Mill Dam. I just got these ones tonight. Talk about last minute. I’ve been trying to get over there for weeks but have been so busy. I noticed yesterday while editing pictures that I didn’t have very much to show off this week so I HAD to go. So I did.

Dam-09-30-2014-04 Dam-09-30-2014-03 Dam-09-30-2014-02 Dam-09-30-2014-01

6) Dishes

Also a very last minute photo. I actually took a picture similar to this when I first moved in and was showing off my decorating skills. But this one is better. I’ll prove it – just look at the old one here.



7) Dew

I used focus stacking in this one. Which is where you take multiple pictures all focused on a different sliver (shallow depth of field = not a lot in focus)…and then you combine them all so the whole thing is in focus! (well…mostly).



So there aren’t that many pictures to show off this week but I’ve still learned a lot. I got to try long exposures of moving water, learned how to focus stack, and finally (FINALLY) learned how to use layer masks in Paintshop Pro.