D is for…

D is even more pathetic than C. But this time I think it’s quality over quantity. See for yourself.

1) Dawn

I woke up on a Saturday morning and really liked how the sun was coming through the blinds.


2) Dead

This one was lucky. I was lazy enough to keep these flowers around forever and before I went to (finally) throw them out, I snapped a couple pictures.


3) Ducks

Bryan and I went to Lake Lynn for a walk one day and we came across the duckies! I took tons of pictures hoping that they would be doing something interesting in at least one of them.

Ducks-09-29-2014-01 Ducks-09-29-2014-02

4) Drink

This was a Makers & Mint that I got at the restaurant my sister works at, Venable, in Carborro. I was there this weekend with her and my parents for the music festival.


5) Dam

Lassiter Mill Dam. I just got these ones tonight. Talk about last minute. I’ve been trying to get over there for weeks but have been so busy. I noticed yesterday while editing pictures that I didn’t have very much to show off this week so I HAD to go. So I did.

Dam-09-30-2014-04 Dam-09-30-2014-03 Dam-09-30-2014-02 Dam-09-30-2014-01

6) Dishes

Also a very last minute photo. I actually took a picture similar to this when I first moved in and was showing off my decorating skills. But this one is better. I’ll prove it – just look at the old one here.



7) Dew

I used focus stacking in this one. Which is where you take multiple pictures all focused on a different sliver (shallow depth of field = not a lot in focus)…and then you combine them all so the whole thing is in focus! (well…mostly).



So there aren’t that many pictures to show off this week but I’ve still learned a lot. I got to try long exposures of moving water, learned how to focus stack, and finally (FINALLY) learned how to use layer masks in Paintshop Pro.



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