Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

I’m getting good at making things without a recipe now. This one was inspired by something I saw on pinterest forever ago…but I didn’t even glance at the recipe before whipping it up the other night.

I also didn’t measure anything so I can’t even make my own recipe for it. But it’s easy. Here’s what I did.


1. Cut chicken into small pieces and cook
2. Drown chicken in a mixture of hot sauce and butter (ratio depends on how hot you like it)
3. Fill tortialla with chicken, cheese, and green onions or whatever your heart desires. Blue cheese crumbles could be good too.
4. Use quesadilla maker to cook it. That’s right, I even use a quesadilla maker so there really is no tricky part to this process.


Note that I ate a third of this before I even thought to take pictures of it. Probably a sign I’m not destined to be a food blogger.


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

    1. It’s really not that hard! I still follow recipes very often…but once you cook with recipes a lot you start to get a sense of what goes together and how much to use.

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