E is For…

E was actually a much harder letter to come up with subjects for than you’d expect. But here it is:

1) Emerald


This is the necklace Bryan gave me for our first anniversary (three years ago, damn)…it’s got a real emerald on it and it’s one of my favorite necklaces. This shot was actually fairly tricky. I’m getting used to my new lens and was using my macro attachments with it- focusing was a bitch for this shot to say the least.

2) Eyes

Okay, so it’s just one eye. But it’s my multi-colored one. These are both the same picture, I just couldn’t decide how I liked it cropped.



3) Empty

This was inspired when I saw the empty bottle of wine on my living room floor on Sunday morning. The bottle of wine that I drank Saturday night when I had my best friends over and we played Cards Against Humanity. (AKA best game in the world)


4) Early

So occasionally Saturday rolls around and – despite how much I hate hearing my alarm Mon-Fri – I am miraculously wide awake at 6:15am. That happened this weekend and after an unsuccessful attempt at sunset pictures the night before (too cloudy), I ventured out for sunrise pictures and didn’t regret it one bit. Reminded me of a quote I read the other day.

“There are only a fixed number of sunrises and sunsets to be enjoyed in a lifetime.  The wise photographer will do the math and not waste any of them.”



I took a lot of photos that morning and didn’t end up deleting the majority of them. A good thing, but also a bad thing because it was hard to pic these two. They stood out compared to all the other standard sunrise pictures though.

5) Evening

I asked Bryan what he visualized when I said the word “evening” and he sent me a link to the google image search for it…it was all sunsets. It was my intention to get a sunset picture, but if you read #4, the night I went out did not provide me with a photogenic sunset. So I improvised. I thought “what else about evenings do I like?” Answer: Sitting on the couch watching TV after eating dinner. That couple hours between dinner and bedtime where I just unwind and do whatever I want to do. Sometimes that means taking pictures of my feet while watching TV on the couch, or eating dessert while watching TV on the couch…but usually there’s some TV-watching-couch-sitting action going on. Especially when I have no more books to read…


6) Equipment

Yea I’ll throw this one in here I guess. I took this when I got my new lens and put it on facebook. But I did try to be creative with it (see the reflection there?). I didn’t realize until after I posted it on facebook that I could use it for the letter E. (NOTE: I did not actually take this picture with the new lens…it was still in the box. It seems very silly that I did that now.)



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