Roasted Veggie Alfredo

So a year ago I would have taken a recipe with homemade things in it, and just bought the premade stuff instead. This time, I did the opposite. Here is the original recipe. Instead of frozen veggies, I used fresh (from the farmer’s market!).

Cauliflower Alfredo-10-17-2014-01

And instead of jarred alfredo sauce I made my own…out of cauliflower! Here is that recipe.

Cauliflower Alfredo-10-17-2014-02

It sounds strange. But it actually tasted fairly similar to the real stuff. I added Parmesan cheese to it because you can’t have alfredo sauce without cheese. It’s a little on the bland side, but as long as I sprinkled some parmesean on top (which I do all the time anyways), it tasted just fine!


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