F is For…

Alright here’s the deal: A and B were flukes. I had a lot of pictures for those because I had lower standards of what I let pass through into the cyberspace for the world to see. I also was not nearly as busy as I’ve been lately, which I know is the lamest excuse in the world, especially in my book. But it’s been true these past few weeks. I’m also going to use the excuse that the season of very limited daylight is approaching so my window for taking pictures during weekdays is pretty much nil at this point. I did what I could on the weekends.

There aren’t many pictures again this time, but I actually love them all. And enjoyed taking them. Most of them were taken at the state fair last weekend because there are a lot of fair things that start with the letter “F”. I’m also going to do a whole separate post on my fair pictures because I took a bunch and they’re pretty cool.

Ok, enough rambling.

1) Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market-10-11-2014-01

I love this picture. The sun hits the vegetables just right and makes them pop.

Fall-10-11-2014-02 Fall-10-11-2014-01

2) Fall

I have a lot for this word. I love fall so I’ve been taking as many pictures as I can. The leaves haven’t quite peaked yet though so I haven’t gotten anything with spectacular colors in it.

Fall-10-11-2014-04 Fall-10-11-2014-03 Fall-10-11-2014-05

3) Fair

With fall comes the state fair. I do love the state fair. I don’t love sitting in traffic for three hours and having an anxiety attack behind the wheel though. Since we didn’t make it before sundown the first time, I went back first thing Sunday morning to get more pictures. I’m very glad I did. Being there that morning reminded me that I still love the fair. Just not the first Saturday night that it’s open.

Fair2014-10-19-2014-15 Fair2014-10-19-2014-01

4) Fried Food

The main thing the state fair is famous for is deep frying everything. So this happened.


5) Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel at Night. Pretty cliche but I like it.


I currently have a broken 18-55mm lens so the only one I have is my 50mm (I guess it’s fortunate that I bought it recently). However, it’s not a very versatile lens…so hopefully I can either get my kit lens working again, or still take some cool pictures until Christmas when I can get a new wide-angle.


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