October Original

Time for Fair Pics! The fair was so much fun to photograph. I went twice so I could do day and night. It’s a world of difference between the two. Morning is calm and there are lots of families with small children walking around. Nighttime is crazy – lines are long, everything is lit up. I think I did a pretty decent job capturing both.

The Food:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-02 Fair2014-10-19-2014-17 Fair2014-10-19-2014-01 Fair2014-10-19-2014-29 Fair2014-10-19-2014-32 Fair2014-10-19-2014-33

The Rides:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-30  Fair2014-10-19-2014-28  Fair2014-10-19-2014-05  Fair2014-10-19-2014-27Fair2014-10-19-2014-26  Fair2014-10-19-2014-08  Fair2014-10-19-2014-31  Fair2014-10-19-2014-15  Fair2014-10-19-2014-07  Fair2014-10-19-2014-12 Fair2014-10-19-2014-13  Fair2014-10-19-2014-06Fair2014-10-19-2014-24Fair2014-10-19-2014-11   Fair2014-10-19-2014-04

The Games:

Fair2014-10-19-2014-14 Fair2014-10-19-2014-03

The Ferris Wheel (and the view from it)

Fair2014-10-19-2014-25 Fair2014-10-19-2014-35   Fair2014-10-19-2014-21Fair2014-10-19-2014-22  Fair2014-10-19-2014-23

And This Picture:


So much fun!


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