Happy Halloween!

So this Halloween, Bryan had more of a say in the costume. Past years, I kinda picked out our costumes and then asked if he was okay with it, which he always was because he’s awesome. Last year he even agreed to be a fairy (because we were Cosmo and Wanda, the coolest fairies ever).

I gave Bryan more of a say this year..I picked out some options that I liked that I thought he would also like and let him pick his favorite. We ended up with Ash and Misty from Pokemon. Nerdy? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. I love costumes that allow me to relive my childhood.

IMG_9915 DSCN2280 ??????????

So the main purpose of this post is to show how EASY it was to make our costumes for this year. I spent a total of $23 on both costumes. For the Ash costume, the vest and hat took me about an hour or two. For Misty, I just cut up a yellow tank top from Goodwill and hemmed it. The rest of the costume I bought or already had. So this is what I ended up with:



Here’s a list of things I used:

-Blue Tshirt – $3
-Green and Yellow felt (bought extra of this in case I messed up)- $0.90
-Yellow Ribbon (w/ 40% coupon) – $2.40
-White Collared shirt from Goodwill – $3.39
Red and White trucker Hat from Amazon – $6.50

Bryan already has:
-workout gloves
-regular jeans and sneakers

-Yellow Tank Top from Goodwill: $3.39
Red Suspenders from Amazon: $7.64

I already have:
-Red sneakers
-Denim shorts

Other things I used that I already had:
-iron on hem stuff…i think it’s called fusible hem or fusible something or other. Not sure.
-basic sewing supplies/sewing machine
-wax paper

I’m going to go into detail on Ash’s vest because it was the only really involved part of the whole costume.

1. First I cut the sleeves off of the blue tshirt and hemmed them.


2. I folded the shirt in half and took a sharpie to mark where the middle was. Then cut it on that line as straight as I could. The Sharpie line is hard to see in the picture…the lighting in my craft room kinda blows.

Halloween-10-19-2014-09 Halloween-10-19-2014-08

3. I ran out of blue thread and also figured I didn’t want a visible seam in the middle of the vest, so I used some iron on hem stuff that I already had to hem the opening in the vest.


4. I then took wax paper and laid it over the vest and drew the general shape and size of the yellow strips that go on it to look like pockets. I measured the rectangle I drew and then cut straight lines on the wax paper with a paper-cutter (a scrapbooking tool I already had). I pinned the piece of wax paper to the felt and cut around it as straight as I could.

Halloween-10-19-2014-06 Halloween-10-19-2014-05Halloween-10-19-2014-04

5. I sewed the felt strips on. I did the same process for the circles that look like buttons but hand stitched those because it was easier than trying to use the machine on a small circle.


6. Then I sewed yellow ribbon along the bottom of the vest.


7. The hat I didn’t take a before picture of but if you clicked the amazon link it’s just a plain red and white hat. I used the green felt and my Silhouette Cameo (again, another scrapbooking tool I own. First time cutting felt out of it though!), to cut the logo on Ash’s hat. To be honest, there are Ash hats you can buy off amazon…but they were a few bucks more and shipping was not free or fast. I don’t think when I went to order it I would have gotten it in time for Halloween. But this was easy and cheap enough since I had the cameo to help.


That’s it! I also had to cut up the white shirt to make it short-sleeved, but that’s another simple hem job I didn’t bother photographing.



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