H is For…

I had to give myself an extra week this time. I’ve been slacking off pretty bad. “I” won’t be any better…it’s probably one of the worst letters in the alphabet to take pictures of. But I’ll try my best I suppose.

1) Hug

Yes I’m using photos from other things for this post. I made the rules, so I can break them.Michelle-11-23-2014-04

2) Happy

My beautiful friend and her beautiful smile. I have to say, I got to do two portrait shoots with friends these last 3 weeks and I loved them both! It was such good practice…gave me a lot of insight into things I still need to work on.


3) Holiday

This one was easy because we had Thanksgiving, and then the Christmas decor went up. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for most people.


Drinking, talking, pie-making. Pretty much sums it up.




^one of the many beverages I had this evening.


So there it is. Overdue, but I’m glad I took the extra week. Hopefully I can get my momentum back.


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