DIY Equalizer and UGI Ball

Lately I’ve really been focusing my energy on exercising and eating right. I just finished Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred which was, in a word, awesome. So I decided to start BodyRock workouts (also known as DailyHiit). I’m doing the Hiitmax challenge which I started today. One thing about these workouts is they use a lot of equipment which they sell on their website for a lot of money. But their website also has a lot of DIY ideas for equipment and I used two of them.

The first one was for the equalizers. These are used for dips, elevated push ups, inverted pull-ups…and probably more things I haven’t seen yet.


(all 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe)
2x 20″ pieces
4x 24″ pieces
8X 7″ pieces
(I did all of this out of two 10′ pieces)

8 end caps
4 T-intersections
4 90 degree elbows
PVC cement
Something to cut PVC with


These materials cost me under $40 and will make two equalizers. They are sold on the website for $119 a piece…can you say overpriced?? yea.

So I started by having my dad cut the pipe for me. 🙂 I’m sure I could have done it myself, but he likes to be the one using his power tools.


Then, it was just a matter of using the cement to put all the pieces together. It came together really easy.I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to risk getting cement on my camera.


Lastly – spray paint. Any color you want! (or have). Picture is at the end.

The next thing I did was a UGI ball. These aren’t even for sale on the BodyRock website and the only way to buy them from the UGI website is to buy some entire kit for a stupid amount of money. The materials for this one cost me $20 but it was a bit more difficult than the equalizers.


1 yard vinyl and matching thread
1 zipper
5lb bag of rice
Duct Tape


First of all, there are two different vinyls – the kind I used for this ball which is kind of like a leathery fabric, and the kind I used for the template which is sticker-like material used for decals and such. I really don’t understand why they are both called vinyl.

I used the sticky kind of vinyl to cut out a template (I used my Silhouette Cameo for this but you could probably find another way to make a template…this was pretty damn simple though).


I stuck the template on the green vinyl and cut around it. I repeated this to get 6 eye shapes.



Then comes the tricky part. The tutorial I used said to back stitch them together….I started doing that but it took forever. So I put it in the sewing machine instead. If the stitches don’t hold…so be it. I’ll fix it. I sewed all the pieces together (inside out) until I had a spherical shape. Then came the zipper. I really can’t explain the zipper in words so I’ll just leave these here.

Ugi-12-09-2014-04 Ugi-12-09-2014-02

I will say I had to sew the zipper on with it open.

Okay so after I figured that part out I flipped it right-side out, wrapped a 5lb bag of rice in some duct tape and stuck it in there with a bunch of fiberfill around it.


Note: this picture was taken before I sewed the zipper on.But I didn’t sew the zipper on with all that stuff in there…I was just testing it all out.

Lastly, I kind of had to hand stitch a little to touch up the top and bottom where all the points join together because of course they didn’t all line up nice and perfect. Hopefully I did a good enough job so the stuff won’t fall out but I’ve only used it once so I won’t know yet.



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