I is for…

1) Ice

It’s that time of year where we have to start leaving the house 10 minutes early so we have time to scrape our windshields…unless you’re fortunate enough to park in a garage.


2) Instrument

My parents’ stores these babies. The drum set – my brothers. And the clarinet is mine from middle school. It certainly brought back some memories when I took it out of it’s box!

Instrument-12-14-2014-03 Instrument-12-14-2014-05 Instrument-12-14-2014-02 Instrument-12-14-2014-01

The clarinet pictures reminded me that black and white is beautiful…I always seem to forget about that option. It makes a photo entirely different.

The lack of photos doesn’t correlate with a lack of interest. There were simply just not a lot of creative things to photograph that start with “I”. I have been photographing a lot of Christmassy things though, with all the decorations that have gone up. Winter is actually a very good time of year for pictures. I’ll probably do a whole post with Christmas photos after the holiday passes.


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