‘Tis the Season for Beautiful Pictures

I love Christmas time. Even before I got into photography I loved taking pictures of everything. From the decorations to the happy faces, to the mess in the living room after unwrapping presents. I think the holiday makes for some great kodak moments. So I’m going to share them with you. This being my first Christmas with my Canon, I definitely had some fun with it.

Lights and decorations:


Lounging around by the tree (with wine most nights):




The trees themselves. One is mine, one is in the front window of my parents house. It’s the fake one though…we have a real one that the presents go under

Christmas-12-14-2014-03 Christmas12-14-2014-16Christmas-12-14-2014-04

My mom’s beautiful table setting:

Christmas-12-14-2014-08 Christmas-12-14-2014-09 Christmas-12-14-2014-10 Christmas-12-14-2014-11

Party time:

Catalano-12-22-2014-05 Catalano-12-22-2014-06 Catalano-12-22-2014-07



Baking cookies

Catalano-12-22-2014-02 Catalano-12-22-2014-03 Catalano-12-22-2014-04 Christmas12-25-2014-29


Christmas12-25-2014-08 Christmas12-25-2014-26 Christmas12-25-2014-27

Unwrapping said presents:

Christmas12-25-2014-07 Christmas12-25-2014-14

Ryan wearing a bow in his hair


The mess in the living room after unwrapping presents

Christmas12-25-2014-05 Christmas12-25-2014-06

French toast and mimosas for breakfast this morning



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