Now and Then: The Raleigh Skyline

So in June, I ventured out to try photographing light trails against the Raleigh skyline. I liked the results but didn’t love them. I went back downtown last night and tried again from the same spot and I think I got some better results this time (same gear and everything, too). Let’s have a look, shall we?

June 2014:


January 2015:


June 2014:


January 2015:


June 2014:


January 2015:


I think the key was that I stuck around for a little longer after sunset (hence the pictures being darker). Also, I used a 2 second timer so I wasn’t shaking the camera when I pressed the shutter button. Some of the June pictures were not as sharp as they could have been. I think that last picture from June I actually like better than the one from last night that I compared it to, but other than that I like the results I got last night. It was REALLY cold though! I probably could have been a bit more focused and patient if it had been warmer and my hands weren’t numb. :p


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