Let It Snow!


I love that morning after it snows (*cough* sleets), and you wake up anxious to see what it looks like outside. I still feel like a little kid. Except now I still have to set an alarm, and check on the roads to make sure staying home is acceptable. Which it totally was today. It looks like snow on the ground, but it’s actually solid ice. That’s not the stuff you sink into when you walk on it. I left no footprints where I went today.

Shelley Lake Snow

These were all taken at Shelley Lake…1.5 miles from my apartment. Yes, I walked. It was cold. And probably not worth it because everything looked a lot less sparkly white than I had envisioned, but I used it as a challenge – try to find some decent shots in a very dull, desolate…grey place.

Shelley Lake Snow

Everything was so grey. Half of these I converted to black and white because the only color in them to begin with was a tiny hint of green or brown in the trees.

Shelley Lake Snow

Shelley Lake Snow

I liked this spot because the lake was frozen over here.

Shelley Lake SnowShelley Lake SnowShelley Lake Snow

I saw no humans outside today. It was very deserted…and peaceful

Shelley Lake Snow

I swear the geese thought I was crazy. Look at them all huddled up together…

Shelley Lake Snow Shelley Lake Snow

I love this shot because I didn’t have to stage it. That branch was just laying there begging to be photographed.

Shelley Lake Snow Shelley Lake Snow


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