Alphabet Photography: Revisited

Clearly, I have not been keeping up with my alphabet challenge. I started hitting a rut and couldn’t take pictures I felt lived up to my raised expectations of myself and winter has put a serious limit on the hours of daylight I’m available to take pictures.

With that being the case, and because I’m in the midst of a huge blog re-vamp, I’ve decided to change this challenge for the remaining half of the alphabet (but dammit I will finish it!).

Instead of taking two weeks for each letter and taking as many pictures as possible, I will take one week, and take just ONE really good photo (well I will take more than that, but my goal will be to get one usable one).

These will now happen on Sundays – “Snapshot Sundays” I will call them. So I’ll do the first one (with the letter “L” tomorrow!)


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