Who I Am:

My name is Ashley. I’m a 20-something year old Engineer located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was originally a Yankee until Dad’s job relocated him to this beautiful city that I’ve now call “home” (though it took a while for me to get there). I’m a big believer of doing what makes you happy, and continually setting personal goals for yourself. Trying new things is essential. Excuses are a waste of time. And we only have so much time!

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What I do:

While in college, I immersed myself in my school work and had very little extracurricular. School was my extracurricular. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and have never looked back. But since leaving that goal-driven environment I’ve picked up quite a few hobbies in order to keep myself always working towards something, because that’s how I thrive. In addition to Scrapbooking (which I’ve done for over a decade now), I’ve taken up cooking, baking, photography, exercising, reading, and writing (this blog, and a personal journal).

Knitted02-01-2015-03 Hiitmax week 9-02-15-2015-01

What This Blog is For:

My blog, like my life, will contain a lot of variety – from recipes I’ve tried, to sharing photos from a recent shoot I attempted, maybe an occasional DIY project, or just little bits of advice or insight on things I’ve experienced and deem relevant to those who will read this. I hope you can find something here that sparks your interest. And if you do, please subscribe and/or leave feedback, as this is just another one of my many learning experiences!


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